Saturday, August 8, 2009

...keeping up with the Shankmans...

I feel like I spend so much time communicating through texts, tweets and status updates...I would say I dedicate an average of 18 to 19 hours a day linked into some constant communication...that means every waking hour I'm linked in.

Maybe I'm doing it incorrectly, but I feel like I can never keep up with people like Shankman. Maybe that's my failing though, feeling a need to keep up with people who have the ability to dedicate so much time to it. They've been able to monetize what they do, and I hope someday to be able to do the same.

So for the time being I should be doing is accessing how I'm spending my time, and making sure when I am online I'm doing something of value. As it is with food, gorging on the junk (it's too delish to avoid!) is always immediately satisfactory...and well, much easier. But that doesn't help me stay relevant in the SM space and where I want to be. I'm working on it, it's just a process. I've said it before... and you all know I'll say it again. I need to blog more.

But blogging for me was always a way to get out the ongoings of my life, a place to have fun, share wit and vent. My need to keep up by writing solely about social media has gotten me even further behind's made me not write at all. Balance. All things in life are a balance. Learning...learning....but here's a nugget of yesteryear's blog....prepare yourself:

...I got back from another tour on the road, and it always amazes me how traveling so much for a social media campaign can keep me so out of touch with my friends/family. But, that's the thing I don't think people understand about touring as much as I try to explain's literally all consuming. Everything outside of it is put on hold. That's what is hard for me. Putting on hold working out, putting on hold healthy eating, putting on hold my friends and my family. I gained weight this time...lost last. I'll get there. This is life, I have to keep telling myself that.

I saw my grandparents while I was in Massachusetts before the tour, though. So good to see them. I wish I could see them more often. My nonna showed me the drawers and drawers of baby sweaters (for future reference and an ever so gentle push for great grandchildren) and she also told me I could have her wedding gown (if/when I chose to get married....another gentle push, I'm sure). Got me thinking though, I need to spend more time with family...brothers for sure. Man, I miss them.

Alright, I'm wrapping this up before I get too emo. Speak soon...well. I say that anyway. Guess we'll see.

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